We're *almost* open in Birmingham!

We're *almost* open in Birmingham!

We're *almost* open in Birmingham!

After announcing it almost two years ago, and after a lot of meeting, dreaming, and scheming, we are finally – almost – open in Birmingham!

We'll be open sometime in early summer – May or June. Just in time for piping hot coffee szn. (Jokes aside, hot drinks can cool you down when it's hot out, seriously.)

Our third and newest coffee bar will be at the Denham Building, next door to our friends at Monday Night Brewery in the Parkside neighborhood of Birmingham, Alabama. 

Important note: we're already hiring for East Pole Birmingham! Apply Here. (And it's a good idea to read this blog post first.)

Here are a few images of the coffee bar, which is looking decent even without anywhere to sit yet:

We look forward to serving you in Birmingham and making a lot of new friends! 

Questions about our new location or anything else? Email us at hello@eastpole.coffee.