Bugoyi Natural

Bugoyi Natural

Unit price per
PRODUCER Emmanuel Rusatira, Baho Coffee
AMOUNT 12 oz. retail bag, 2 lb. bag, 5 lb. bag
Rutsiro District, Rwanda
ALTITUDE 1,500-1,900 meters above sea level
VARIETY Red bourbon
NOTES Cherry, black tea, candied raspberry


From our friends at Sundog Trading:

Bugoyi is located in the Western Province of Rwanda - near the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo and directly on the shores of Lake Kivu. In fact, a handful of farmers in this area live on islands and actually deliver their coffee by boat to Bugoyi. This region generally receives very soft sunlight and cool winds coming off the lake, which Emmanuel praises as the driving force behind the particularly even drying at Bugoyi.

Buogyi is Emmanuel’s largest station producing predominantly specialty coffee, with an annual production of around 4 containers (1300 60kg bags). It was built in 2012 and purchased by Baho in 2016. Along with Fugi, this is the first station that Emmanuel focused on when launching the Baho operations. Bugoyi employs 187 people at the peak of the season - there are rotating seasonal/part time workers in addition to a core staff. On top of their standard wages, Baho pays into both health insurance and pension plans for all workers at Bugoyi.

Production on the small plots (on average, 170 - 220 trees per farm) surrounding this station are quite low at only ~1.5 kg per tree. This is mostly attributed to the extremely old trees in the area; many have been in production for nearly 30 years. Emmanuel focused heavily this year on growing Baho’s seedling distribution program - 16,000 were distributed to the Bugoyi farmers.

Emmanuel has found that with his higher cherry prices, producers are becoming increasingly more interested in investing in their coffee farms and growing future production. We will be working to develop a post harvest premium program for this group, and we’re excited to see this station continue to thrive in the future.