Unit price per
PRODUCER Emmanuel Rusatira, Baho Coffee
AMOUNT 12 oz. retail bag, 2 lb. bag, 5 lb. bag
Nyaruguru District, Rwanda
ALTITUDE 1,550 meters above sea level
VARIETY Red bourbon
Fully washed
Dried apricots, apples, spice


From our friends at Sundog Trading:

Fugi is located in the Southern Province of Rwanda, nestled between the Nyungwe National
Forest and the border of Burundi. It’s the second smallest station in the Baho collection,
purchasing cherry from approximately 950 smallholder producers. This washing station produces ~900 bags of exportable specialty grade coffee each year.

On average, producers bringing coffee to Fugi manage between 170 - 200 trees, with a median
cherry yield per tree of 3kg - this equals about one and a half exportable bags of green coffee per producer. This figure perfectly exemplifies just how small the average producer is in Rwanda, and it gives some context as to why they are selling to washing stations rather than developing their own costly wet and dry mills.

Fugi was built in 2013, but it was purchased by Emmanuel in 2016. Since then, he’s dedicated this station to solely producing specialty grade coffee; and, together with Bugoyi, Fugi is a key part of the foundation upon which he launched Baho Coffee operations. Fugi employs 70 people at the peak of the season - there are rotating seasonal/part time workers in addition to a core staff. As part of standard Baho practice, the pension for all workers is paid for them on top of their wages.

We will be working to develop a post harvest premium program for this group, and we’re excited to see Fugi continue to thrive in the future. Likely, this core station will be a focus in 2020 as we strive for additional transparency and lot separation by beginning to group producers’ coffee together in smaller groups.