Donate to the Fight Against Racial Injustice

Donate to the Fight Against Racial Injustice

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Choose this product, then head to the checkout page to make a donation to one of the following organizations fighting racial injustice:

  • Atlanta Solidarity Fund: A fund to support people in Atlanta who have been arrested for taking action against social injustice. Focused primarily on bailing out arrestees, with priority for those who have the most need.

  • The King Center: The King Center "prepares global citizens to create a more just, humane and peaceful world using Dr. King’s nonviolent philosophy and methodology.

  • The Partnership for Southern Equity: The Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) advances policies and institutional actions that promote racial equity and shared prosperity for all in the growth of metropolitan Atlanta and the American South.

East Pole is matching online donations, dollar for dollar, up to $5,000.