Hambela Guji

We bought this coffee through Balzac Bros., an importer we often work with and who previously brought us our Gedeb Natural. Balzac purchased this coffee from METAD Agricultural Group, which works with independent Ethiopian coffee growers.

More from Balzac on this coffee:

Aman Adinew, CEO of METAD agricultural group, is the type of person whose infectious enthusiasm commands an entire room. By offering these excellent washed and naturally-processed lots from Gedeb and Hambela, we’re able to pass along that enthusiasm to our partners here in the U.S. Our team at Balzac feels confident that METAD’s coffees are some of the cleanest, most complex we’re able to offer every year.

With his agricultural group, Aman works to influence Ethiopia’s coffee communities and their partners in consuming countries across the world. METAD owns Africa’s first SCA- certified quality control lab and the company provides post-harvest training and health benefits to its employees, keeping in mind that in order for a company to thrive, its employees and the communities it works in must also thrive.

Seventy five kilometers beyond Yirgacheffe, deep in the heart of some of Ethiopia’s best coffee country, METAD’s 200-hectare Hambela farm includes a washing station, dry mill, drying beds and a large warehouse, all in the Oromia state of Guji.

Between this station and METAD’s Gedeb site, the company employs 28 permanent staff and 700 seasonal employees. Seventy percent or more of these staff members are women, plus METAD partners with over 700 out-growers to provide best practices on growing, harvesting and selling coffee.
This coffee, which includes Arabica and Local Landrace Varieties, was grown at an altitude of 1,900 to 2,200 meters above sea level. Both washed and natural iterations of this coffee present complex, fruit-forward taste notes that we look for and love in Ethiopian coffees.

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12 oz. retail bag, 2 lb. bag, 5 lb. bag


Hambela Guji


METAD Agricultural Group


Guji Zone, Ethiopia


1,900-2,200 masl


Heirloom Varieties



Tasting Notes

Pineapple, root beer, with a blackberry finish