Coffee Juice: Strawberry

Coffee Juice: Strawberry

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Jairo Arcilla


8 oz.


Quindo, Colombia


1,800 meters above sea level




Strawberry Fermentation


What is Coffee Juice?
Coffee Juice is definitely coffee. It starts its life as a coffee seed in a coffee cherry on a coffee tree. We roast it like any other coffee. You grind it, brew it, and drink it, just like you would with any other coffee. But, when it hits your tongue, it seems as if it has transformed into something other. Somewhere along the way, just calling it “coffee” became insufficient.

So What's The Difference?
While we might be tempted to convince you that there is something special we are doing in our roasting lab to create this experience, or that our baristas (excellent as they are) are executing some magical brewing technique, the credit belongs to the farmer and producer, Jairo Arcilia and the Cofinet team in Quindío who grew, harvested, and processed this coffee with innovation, precision, and expertise.

After harvesting and sorting the coffee cherries, the magic really begins. They seal the whole cherries in an anaerobic container for about 72 hours along with a mixture of yeast (similar to that used in wine production) and strawberries. This relatively short fermentation proves transformative as the coffee cherry, and the seed inside it, soak up the flavors of the strawberries and develop a zippy acidity and a syrupy body. After the 72 hours, the coffee cherries are pulped and dried on raised beds before being sent to us! All we have to do is not mess it up, and deliver this labor intensive product to you in a way that honors the work and innovation of the producers who made this happen.

Summer In A Coffee Cup
We've loved tasting and re-tasting this coffee in the roastery. We are blown away by the intense aroma that seems to saturate our space everytime we grind it. When we taste it, it's almost like a cup of strawberry lemonade. It is bright and so alive, yet it is also syrupy sweet and mouth coating in a way that is wholly unique! The finish is long, hanging around like a Jolly Rancher.

It is simply unlike any other coffee. The singular nature of the process (and its resulting flavors) requires a little bit of context, hence why we have dubbed this Coffee Juice. It's really special, and we’re excited to share it with you! Grab a box or two for yourself, or share it with a friend and enjoy their face when they take a sip of Coffee Juice.