Human Resources: Weekly

Human Resources: Weekly

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Human Resources is our answer to the question, "What if I want to subscribe to a club, but I need a little (or a lot) more than one 12 oz. bag of coffee a week?" 

If you regularly provide coffee for any group that likes to stay caffeinated, Human Resources is for you.

Perfect for:

  • The office break room
  • The teacher's lounge
  • The kitchenette in your WFH office above the garage
  • Your kitchen, because you just drink a lot of coffee, ok?! (we see you!)
  • Weekly or monthly staff meetings
  • Any regularly occuring event where free coffee would be appreciated

We can ship as little as 2 lbs every four weeks, up to... however much you need, every week, in bags of 2lbs or 5 lbs. Email us at for guidance on how much to sign up for, or with any other questions you have.

Like our other clubs, Human Resources is “Roaster’s Choice,” meaning the coffee you receive in each shipment will vary depending on what’s in season, and to provide you with a wide range of origins, varietals and flavor profiles. For more information or to request a specific type of coffee, contact us at 

Shipping via USPS Priority Mail (for 2 lbs.) or UPS Ground (for anything above 2 lbs.) is included.