Leonel Chavez Pacas Honey

Leonel Chavez Pacas Honey

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Leonel Chavez


12 oz. bag, 2 lb. bag, 5 lb. bag


Santa Barbara, Honduras


1,650 meters above sea level






Dried Pineapple, Cocoa, Caramelized Orange


You may remember a similar offering – a washed Pacas– from our friend Leonel a couple of months ago. Leonel reserved a few bags of that Pacas for honey processing.

About Honey Processing
All coffee begins its life as a seed within a coffee cherry. When we talk about “processing” we are talking about how the producers got this seed out of the cherry. The most common process is what we call washed processing. The cherry is pitted and the producers use water to immediately wash off all of the fruit still clinging to the seed before they dry the seeds and ship them. This batch underwent honey processing instead, during which the coffee seeds sit for a few days after being pitted, allowing the leftover fruit still clinging to the seed to ferment and saturate the seed, creating a sticky mucilage resembling honey. Typically, this process adds some exciting fruit flavors and increased body to the final cup!

About This Coffee
The honey processing certainly added to what was already a great coffee from Leonel Chavez. We’ve enjoyed tasting and re-tasting this coffee, dialing in the roast over the last couple of weeks.

On filter brews, like the Kalita or V60, it is wonderful; rich, juicy, and full of life. When it’s hot, it has a great citrus forward aroma that translates to a complex palate of dried fruits and warm spices. It is exactly what we’re looking for in a cup in these cool late-spring mornings! As it cools, it’s reminiscent of a good old fashioned juicebox; sweet, refreshing, and utterly chuggable. On espresso, we’ve found that a shorter shot keeps the citrus from overpowering the drink, while allowing the sweetness and fruity complexity to take center stage.

Relationship Coffees
On this coffee's label you will notice a diver helmet icon, signifying that it's one of our "Relationship Coffees." East Pole's vision is to collaborate as much as possible with coffee farmers one-on-one, getting to know them personally and buying as much of their crop as possible to form lasting relationships with them and directly investing into the improvement of their farms. We enjoy working with Leonel and will be buying, roasting and sharing his fantastic coffees with you for years to come.