Traffic: La Cascada

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Traffic is one of Atlanta’s most dependable experiences. In a city that’s always changing, with weather that’s never predictable, traffic is the constant. Traffic is East Pole’s constant coffee. Though it comes from different coffee producers and origins, depending on what’s in season, you can count on Traffic to always be approachable, easy to drink, full-bodied, and sweet.

Our current Traffic selection is Rainforest Alliance Certified and imported by Balzac Bros. Here’s more info from Balzac:

In the western mountain range of southwest Antioquia, La Cascada Group has operated as a family-run business for more than 100 years. Since the beginning, the group has been committed to the social and environmental well being of their ancestor’s land. Innovation in their processing and quality are at the forefront of their mission. Working with Rainforest Alliance is one of the many ways they work to support their vision.

La Cascada employs 170 people and has over 250 seasonal pickers. Good accommodations, food, and fair payment ensure a culture of commitment and respect on the farm and help contribute to an excellent resulting crop.

La Cascada is a member of DelosAndes Cooperative, whose mission is to improve the income of coffee families, allow access to more specialty markets, provide better working conditions and education for farmers, and improve the sustainability of coffee production. All of these efforts are made to ensure the permanence of their business for future generations of coffee farmers.