Our coffee, in beer and chocolate this holiday season

We recently partnered with two of our favorite local brands on some cool stuff: a stout beer and a chocolate bar.

Second Self is a great Westside Atlanta brewery that's been going strong since 2014. You're probably familiar with their Thai Wheat Ale and ATAle Pale Ale.

They used one of our single-origin Colombian coffees in a recent seasonal –– the Olde Oyl Russian Imperial Coffee Oatmeal Stout. This beer is a total heavy-hitter, at 11.0% ABV. Read more about it here.

Then, there's chocolate, and our favorite Atlanta chocolatier –– Xocolatl. Using Traffic (currently from Huila, Colombia), we collaborated with Xocolatl on a bar we're calling "Commuter." You can find Commuter at our coffee bar, or at Xocolatl at Krog St. Market. We partnered with Alex & Co. on the packaging for the bar.