Whether coffee is the centerpiece of your business, just something to keep your employees chipper and working, or a total afterthought, know this: East Pole is here to make your life easier and, maybe, more delicious.

We'll take care of y'all. All y'all.

Wholesale relationships are not transactional to us. We’re eager to partner with our clients in as many ways as we can think to –– from recommending coffees to coordinating timely deliveries to comprehensive barista training, equipment consultation and maintenance, co-branding and promotion, and whatever else strikes us as helpful.

Super easy online ordering.

We’ll answer the phone when you call and we’re pretty good at managing our inboxes, but we made wholesale ordering super easy for you by building a separate website for our wholesale customers. Here, you can store your credit card information, save regular order types, and find detailed information about each of our coffees.

Here to help with whatever.

Are you opening a new coffee shop or restaurant and could use another set of eyes on your construction plans or equipment list? Are you looking to revamp your coffee program or do you need some help getting your coffee dialed back in?

Our team has a combined 20 years of experience in specialty coffee, and we’re happy to help our partners with basically whatever they need, from the super practical stuff like grind settings and bar flow to the more complex stuff, like how to price your coffee drinks and where to find baristas.

If you’re looking for a consultative, helpful, easy-to-reach wholesale coffee vendor, let’s talk.

Comprehensive barista training.

Supporting our wholesale partners through training is really important to us.

Our training covers everything from coffee basics to bar flow, hospitality, milk steaming, espresso, brewing, pour overs, and time management. We work with baristas of all experience levels and offer post-program certifications.

Our barista training is only available to our staff and the staff of our wholesale partners. If you're interested in becoming a wholesale partner with us, click the link below.

Let's talk.