Introducing Coffee Juice: A Coffee That's Not *Totally* Coffee

Introducing Coffee Juice: A Coffee That's Not *Totally* Coffee

Introducing Coffee Juice: A Coffee That's Not *Totally* Coffee

Today we're launching Coffee Juice: Peach, a coffee that's been fermented with peaches and wine yeast. 

A Little More Info

Our friend Juan Diaz from Cofinet visited our roastery a few months ago and brought this coffee along with him. We've worked with Juan for three years now, and he is consistently introducing us to some absolutely wild (and delicious) coffees. 

When we came to this one, he casually mentioned, "Oh, this one is a peach-fermented coffee with some wine yeast sprinkled in." Seeing the rather perplexed look on my face, he further explained that some farmers have begun fermenting coffees with local fruits, including passion fruit, strawberries, grapes, and peaches.

Peach Perfect

When we cupped this coffee that day, our whole team was blown away by how much it tasted like...not coffee. It was fruity and sweet and tasted like a coffee-flavored tropical smoothie (in a very good way). The coffee absorbs a good bit of the peach flavor during the fermentation process and it shows in the cup.

My first reaction to it was: This is very fun and it tastes good, but It seems like a gimmick and I am too much of a coffee purist to let myself enjoy this.

Keep On Peachin' On

Well, weeks went by, and –– being the Georgia boy I am –– I kept thinking about that Peach-bomb coffee.

I set aside my principles and gave Juan a call, realizing that this could be a fun, new way to think about hybrid process coffees, since the coffee is being manipulated at a raw level and not as a finished product. 

Our own staff had a hard time thinking of it as a traditional coffee, so we landed on a new name for it: Coffee Juice. 

Give Peach a Chance

To our fellow coffee purists, we encourage you to try Coffee Juice! It's a unique, fruity way to enjoy a cup, and a fun reminder to sit back and enjoy the ever-changing, always-exciting world of coffee.


– Jared Karr, co-founder and green buyer 

Coffee Juice: Peach
Origin: Quindio, Colombia
Producer: Felipe Arcila
Altitude: 1,600 masl
Varietal: Caturra