The Throwdown is Postponed. Here's How You Can Support True Community Foundation

Sadly, the throwdown scheduled for August 19th has been postponed. 

As we track the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the area, we realize it's risky to hold gatherings right now. 

We still want to highlight our primary reason for planning the event, however: supporting the efforts of True Community Foundation to reduce childhood hunger and debt.

As cases rise, the foundation's work has become more difficult and more critical. Funds raised will go towards buying computers for students, eliminating children's lunch debt, after-school program dues, and more. 

Please consider donating your $5 buy-in, or more, here. Our sponsor Oatly has generously pledged to match any donations made via this link, up to $2,000!

This fundraiser will go through August 31, so please share this with others who may want to support True Community Foundation's work in Atlanta. 

Thank you for your support- we'll see you soon!